Temperature Control

We handle all temperature requirements with quality packaging from leading suppliers. Temp monitored, qualified and according to GDP. 

Global Network

Our worldwide offices are complimented by a multinational alliance of like minded regional premium couriers all with local expertise of the regulations and requirements of their specific country.


Biological Samples
Let us handle your precious samples all the way from pick up to delivery including qualified packaging in required temperature and correct documentation.

Warehouse & Ship 

We offer flexible and cost effective solutions for warehousing, pick & pack, pudo and other distribution solutions locally and around the globe. Always open and available.


Clinical Trials

Choose Optimize Courier as your trusted partner for high quality logistics and cost efficiency in your clinical trial. We support you during the whole process and offer more than just the transport.

Economy Tailored

When time is on your side and cost in focus, this is the service to use. Based on your needs, we tailor the most cost efficient and safe solution worldwide and you don´t have to book with the express companies yourself. We do it for you.


Top urgent shipments, aircraft parts, car parts or other time critical shipments that needs to delivered ASAP.
With high precision and service we are the courier to choose.

Dangerous Goods

With great experience and up to date training our team can take care of any shipments containing Dangerous Good. It´s important to be aware of the risks when sending and handling Dangerous Goods, just give us a call for guidance and consultation.

Temperature Control

Each and every shipment is unique, an unbroken temperature chain is crucial to maintain the integrity and property of the material.
Pharmaceuticals, Blood Samples, Clinical Trials, or other temperature sensitive products all have this in common.

With our great experience we help you customize the perfect solution based on your needs.

GDP compliance combined with our expertise and qualified packaging material ensures a safe transport.

Most common temperatures

  • Controlled Room Temperautre: (CRT) +15 to+25 ºC
  • Cool: +2 to +8 ºC
  • Frozen: -25 to -15 ºC
  • Dry Ice: -80 to -60 ºC
  • Liquid Nitrogen (Dry Shipper) below-150 ºC 

There are more temperature ranges available upon project basis, contact us for more information.
We also arrange refrigerated trucks, frozen trucks and heated trucks.

Biological Samples

Shipping biological samples such as blood samples from humans requires that certain rules are followed. That is why you should use a specialized courier company like Optimize Courier, we take care of everything from packaging, documentation, customs paperwork and clearance, waybills to pick up and delivery.

We transport the whole range of samples, for example:

  • Research and Laboratory samples
  • Infectious substance / samples
  • Medical equipment and tests
  • Chemical samples
  • Synthetic samples
  • Samples from animals
  • Samples from humans
  • Vaccines
  • Biorepositories

Clinical Trials

To plan the logistics situation before a clinical trial is very important to understand and find the most cost efficient and secure transport solutions, that´s where we come in.

We assist from the start with:

  • Planning and coordination with CRO, Sponsors, Site Personnel and Documentation.
  • Use our experience to plan and make sure you get the best possible logistics. 
  • Assist with consultation and guidance in customs rules, permits and other paperwork that might be required in good time before start of the study.
  • Determine which packaging material to use depending on the basis of the study and geographical challenges. 
  • Everything fully traceable during the whole study and afterwards according to our quality system. 

AOG/EPL(Aircraft On Ground/Emergency Part Logistics)

Time critical transportation for all industries.

  • Aircraft 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Automotive 
  • IT,Telecom
  • Exhibitions
  • Fashion
  • Food

When every minute counts and communication is vital, we are the EXPERTS providing the highest level of service for all your critical shipments. From temperature sensitive commodities to urgently needed parts and equipment, we combine Next Flight Out service with the highest levels of COMMUNICATION in the industry. When you have a work stoppage scenario with an aircraft, a production line, or a waiting Field Engineer you can rely upon Optimize Courier to move shipments from point to point anywhere in the world with unrivaled speed, care and reliability. For mission critical shipments we offer Handcarry (OBC/HC) and Charter service options when traditional service options just aren't fast enough.

Global Network

No matter if the transport is to the near by area, city, country, continent or worldwide, our global network allow us to perform pick ups and deliveries in the most remote areas. No challenge is too small or big for us. Available 24/7 all year around.

Warehouse & Ship

If you are looking for a full service partner in warehouse and distribution , talk to us.
We are flexible to develop a setup matching your needs.

Economy Tailored

When time is not as important as price, we focus on finding you the most cost efficient 
and safe solution for your shipment, all over the world, import and export.

Dangerous Goods

As the name clearly state, this is something to be very cautious with and not take any chances. Use a professional like Optimize Courier to handle and transport your dangerous goods in a safe and controlled way.

With up to date training IATA/DGR/ADR we handle the whole chain from pick up to delivery and assist with packaging, labeling, documentation and more.

Common UN numbers:

UN3373 / UN1845/ UN1977/  UN2814/ UN2900/ UN2910/ UN1044/ UN2795/ UN2800/ UN2811/ UN3166/ UN1950/ UN3480/ UN3481/ UN2810/ UN3077/ UN3082/ UN1993/