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Our Terms and Conditions

Definitions: We, Our, Us or Optimize refer to Optimize Courier, it's employee or agents/service partners. You, Your refer to the shipper, customer your employees or agents and designated agents and related parties in the shipment. A shipment shall mean all items conveyed by Us at one time from one collection point to one delivery address.

Sender's responsibility: By giving us your shipment you agree to these terms and conditions. The sender agrees to confirm that the submitted declaration of contents is correct and that the shipment complies with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and that the shipment is properly prepared, packed, labeled and documented correctly

Alterations: Optimize Courier provides logistics & transportation only under these terms and conditions and they may not be altered in any way except by written approval by an officer of Optimize Courier.

Method of Transportation: We reserve the right to carry the consignment by any means available including road or by any other carrier unless specific contrary instructions are given in writing in writing by the sender.

Sub-contracting: We have the right to delegate or sub-contract the performance of any of Our obligations. You authorize Us to sub-contract on relevant standard or any terms we think appropriate.

Limitations of Liability: You will make Your own arrangements to insure the shipment to its full value against all appropriate risks, except to the extent that we agree to do so, in which case We shall effect insurance as Your agent and You will pay additional insurance fees. We shall not be liable for any claim in connection with a shipment or otherwise except to the extent to which it arises from Our negligence or willful default. In any event We will not be liable to pay any compensation for loss of income, business profits, utility, market opportunity, waster expense, or consequential or indirect losses howsoever caused. In any event Our liability for any claim (or all claims arising from a single incident) whether arising in contract, tort, negligence, breach or statutory duty or otherwise shall not exceed: 

a) where the Warsaw Convention and Montreal Convention applies (applicable if carriage involves an ultimate destination or stop in a country other than the country of departure) the Warsaw Convention and Montreal Convention may be applied if the Convention governs and in most cases limits the liability of the carrier in respect to loss, damage or delay of cargo.
b) where the Convention on the contract for the International Carriage of Good by Road (CMR) applies (it may apply if the carriage of a shipment by road vehicle involves delivery in a country other than in the country in which the shipment was taken over), the limit provided by it. c) in all other instances $100 per shipment
d) Force Majeure: If We cannot deliver according to agreement and this is due to reasons outside of our control, reasons we could not have predicted nor reasonably could have overcome such as strike, war, natural disaster, national state of emergency decisions by government or authorities or similar actions then such action or condition shall be considered a valid reason for Us to deliver any affected consignments at a later point in time without penalty or other compensation to any party

In any event we shall not be liable for loss or mis-delivery of a part of a shipment or for damage to any shipment (however caused) unless We are notified in writing within 14 days after the end of transit or for a whole of the shipment or any separate packages forming part of the shipment (however caused) unless We are notified in writing within 28 days of the expected delivery date

Delivery Time: Any stated delivery time is an estimate based on our knowledge and experience

Warranty: You warrant and represent that You are the owner of authorized agent of the owner of any shipment You ask us to deliver. You accept these terms for yourself and on behalf of the owner also and on behalf of everyone else now or later who has an interest in the shipment.

Collect charges: If We accept a shipment on the instructions to collect all costs of transportation including duty and taxes from the consignee or anyone else, You will remain responsible for payment if they are not paid by such other person immediately when due

Payment terms: Unless stated otherwise on our billing invoice or by separate written agreement between You and Us, all invoice for payment is due upon receipt. Interest will be payable at 2% per month after the first 30 days from the date of the invoice

Duties and Taxes: You are responsible for all duties, taxes, deposits or other charges made by any authority in connection with the shipment, and for any payments, fines, expenses or losses We incur in connection with the shipment.

Privacy Policy
This policy refers to when we provide services and products and when in contact with us in other ways such as visiting our webpage.
·         You should always feel safe when providing us with you and your clients information, therefor we in this policy describe how we make sure your data is kept safe in compliance with the relevant data protection regulation and laws.
2.       When do we collect your information?
For us to provide you with our products and services when in contact with us, we process your information.
·         We collect the data only necessary to be able to provide you with our services, via bookings with us, via Email, physical correspondence and verbal communication.
3.       Information that we collect

We do not gather, collect or store any personal data that is referred to as classified or sensitive information, or use your information for direct advertising.
The data we collect from you includes (but is not necessarily limited to)
·         Name
·         Address
·         Email address
·         Telephone number

·         Cookies and log files may be used on our webpage to enhance user experience, User may choose to set up the web browser to NOT accept cookies.
When entering our webpage information about cookies is be shown to the visitor, to accept or to get more information.
4.       Why do we collect your information?

·         We process your information for fulfilling our obligations to you as a customer and provide you with service and support.
·         To comply with our legal obligations, for example book keeping laws, legal authorities such as customs and other authorities.
5.       Time of keeping and safety of data

·         We only retain the information for as long as necessary to keep it in accordance with this
privacy policy. We can also keep data for us to fulfil for our legal obligations.
Where you have provided us with personal information required to perform our services, we securely archive them after six months and destroy them when we do not need to keep them anymore in accordance to book keeping laws.
·         We always want you to feel safe when trusting us with your personal information, therefor we have taken reasonable measures and precautions to protect and keep your data safe.
This is being done by several methods, including but not limited, firewalls, restricted access, anti-virus and malware.
6.       Sharing and disclosing your personal information
·         We do not share or disclose any of your personal information without your consent, other than the purposes specified in this policy or when we are legally obligated to do so.
·         We may provide your information to third parties, including those outside EU/ESS, such as our branch offices, accredited partners, to be able to perform our services.
·         The third part is only allowed to use the information provided in purposes of performing the service ordered by us and our customer.
·         If necessary, we may provide your information if demanded by authorities and according to law and to protect our legal rights.

7.       Change in policy

We have the right, at anytime change the privacy policy with reference to changed guidelines or laws.
8.       Your Rights
We are responsible to keep your personal data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, we will at your request or on own initiative, correct, un-identify, or complete any information that is identified as faulty or incomplete.
You have the right to:
·         Access your personal information, meaning you can demand a read out from the archives regarding your information, also to get a copy of the data being processed.
·         Once a year, thru a written and signed request, receive an archive readout, without any charge on your behalf, this will include the information on how the data has been processed.
·         Get your information deleted, if they are no longer needed for the reason they were gathered, it will be done as soon as its in accordance with applicable laws, such as book keeping.
·         Get your information amended.
·         Information Portability.
·         File a complaint to the authorities handling the applicable laws.